Need a 2-credit?

Anyone can take college-specific courses during the summer. No affiliation needed!

Several fulfill a GE - fulfill your PR with a 2-credit course!

Session 1:

CRSN 55: Rachel Carson College: Service Learning Practicum (PR-S gen ed)

CRSN 150A: Sustainable Design Practicum Part I - Tiny House

COWL 168: Social Change (PR-S gen ed)

KRSG 12A: Service Learning (3 credits, PR-S gen ed)

KRSG 12B: Service Learning (PR-S gen ed)

KRSG 63: Kresge Garden Cooperative (PR-S gen ed)

KRSG 65C: Power and Representation: Creative Writing

OAKS 10: Academic Success

STEV 80G: Self and Society Through Film

THEA 31C: The Dance Experience (PR-C gen ed)


STEV 27: Service Learning (online, PR-S gen ed)

Session 2:

COWL 10: Becoming a Successful Student

CRSN 150B: Sustainable Design Practicum Part II - Tiny House Project

KRSG 12C: Service Learning: Intro to National Service/Intro to Grant Writing (3 credits, PR-S gen ed)

KRSG 60C: Prison Narratives (3 credits)

KRSG 65C: Power and Representation: Creative Writing

PRTR 61N: Personal Narratives in Theater and Film (PR-C gen ed)

STEV 36: Women in the Bible