Successful Transfer to the Research University

As part of Summer Edge, you can earn 2-credits towards graduation in Successful Transfer to the Research University (KRSG 25). You get to enroll in this popular course over the summer where you will gain an understanding of the workings of a research university, with an emphasis on advanced academic expectations, creating purposeful education and career goals, conducting undergraduate research, and navigating opportunities and challenges. The course will inform you about resources, opportunities, and communities to help support you throughout your time here.

This is not a rudimentary class. On the contrary, it is full of reflective learning assignments aimed to focus students on academic and career exploration, including: 

  • Provides first quarter community college transfers with an understanding of the workings of a research university with an emphasis on advanced academic expectations. 
  • Encourages development of educational plans reflecting effective academic strategies, short and long-term goals, research and/or internship experiences, and graduate programs.
  • Provides a strong advising backbone, including contact with advising in the major, career services, and undergraduate research opportunities.

Special sessions and assignments will include:

  • Advisor meetings and course/major planning
  • Q&A with current and former UCSC transfer students
  • Career Assessment screening and Career Center exploration
  • Virtual library tour and Introduction to library services
  • Opportunities for Study abroad (and other off-campus programs)
  • How to pursue undergraduate research
  • Networking with faculty and career professionals

KRSG 25 is only open to Summer Edge students, so everyone in your class will be an incoming transfer student. If you are financial aid eligible, you can take this class, plus one 5-credit course, to meet the 7-credit financial aid minimum. 


  • Photo Instructor Farnaz Fatemi

    Farnaz Fatemi

    I have been teaching Transfer Edge for several years. I was once a UCSC undergraduate, which means I know the inner workings of UCSC well. I love working with transfer students as you begin your time with UCSC—I know you are excited to take advantage of the many resources available here and to find out more about who to talk to, where to go for support, and how to hit the ground running. I love being one of your resources, and I especially look forward to helping navigate the University as you begin remotely this summer. In addition to teaching at UCSC, I’m also a writer (mostly a poet) and I am part of an active local poetry collective called The Hive. I am also quite partial to the Oakland A’s and homegrown tomatoes. I look forward to meeting you. 

  • Instructor

  • Photo Instructor Juliana Leslie

    Juliana Leslie

    This will be my third year teaching Transfer Edge and my fourth year teaching the Transfer Success course for UCSC. I’ve been affiliated with UCSC for a long time, as an undergrad (I studied literature and feminist studies), as a staff member and advisor in the Education Department, as a Literature graduate student, and now as a lecturer teaching at Kresge College. I also teach the Kresge Core course for first-year students and other courses that emphasize creativity, critical thinking, and mindful approaches to learning. Transfer Success is one of my favorite courses to teach, and I love helping newly admitted students figure out how to make the most of their time at UCSC. Learning remotely won’t slow us down—you can expect to meet advisors, learn about resources and opportunities, and build community with your peers. I look forward to working with you! Sample 2020 syllabi.