Costs and Financial Aid


  • All Edge students receive 25% off Summer Session tuition!
  • All students pay the same low tuition rates in summer, including out-of-state and international students! No nonresident supplemental tuition in summer. 
  • To assist with costs, the Financial Aid Office offers up to $2,800 in grant funding for Transfer Edge students based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA (or Dream Application if applicable). International students are not eligible for aid. 

Calculating Your Tuition and Fees


Regular Summer Session tuition for all students (in-state, out-of-state, international) is $279 per credit. Edge students are offered an additional 25% discount on tuition, which reduces the per credit cost to $209.25. Edge students must remain enrolled in the required 2-credit KRSG 25 course to receive this discount

Campus Fee

All Summer Session and Transfer Edge students who take classes over the summer are charged a required $293.78 campus fee. Books and supplies vary by what classes you enroll in. Some art classes and science labs have small 'materials fees.' Some classes have more than 5 credits, such as sciences, with required labs. If you take more than 7 credits, your tuition (and aid) will increase accordingly.

Financial Aid

Eligible students need to submit a 2019-2020 FAFSA by June 27. A 2019-2020 FAFSA (from last year) is needed for new students to receive financial aid for the 2020 summer quarter. This is in addition to the 2020-2021 FAFSA you file for the upcoming year. You must first be enrolled in your classes to get your Financial Aid Office estimate. 

Housing and Dining Costs

Transfer Edge housing is offered at a significantly discounted rate in comparison to fall, winter, and spring quarters with options ranging from a single (a room to yourself) to a triple (a room with you + 2 roommates). Housing and dining rates vary depending on room type. Please see the Summer Housing website for exact rates.

Health Insurance

The University of California Regents mandates that all students have health coverage as a non-academic condition of enrollment. Students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) unless they choose to submit an online insurance waiver confirming they have acceptable health insurance coverage that meets UC requirements. Visit the UCSC Student Health Insurance website or email for waiver information and expanded rates.

Cal Vet?

You can use the Cal Vet waiver for your tuition. Contact the UCSC Veteran Benefit Services. 

Estimated Transfer Edge Costs:

Type of Expense Cost
Program Registration $100
Tuition for 7 Credits $1,464.75 ($209.25 per credit x 7 credits)
Campus Fee $293.78
UC SHIP $460
Housing & Dining ~$1,800 Estimated
Total: ~$4,200 Estimated

*Psychology majors in PSYC 100 take 9 credits. Tuition would be $1883.25. Plus, registration and campus fee is $2277.03.

Estimated Transfer Edge Costs Waiving Health Insurance:

Type of Expense Cost
Program Registration $100
Tuition for 7 Credits $1,464.75 ($209.25 per credit x 7 credits)
Campus Fee $293.78
Housing & Dining ~$1,800 Estimated
Total: ~$3,660 Estimated