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Transfer Edge course enrollment

Once you have completed all the steps to 
register for Transfer Edge and have been emailed your Gold and Blue UCSC login credentials, please see below for the next steps on course enrollment. 

During Session 2, you take a minimum of two courses for a total of 7 credits. You can also add additional credits by taking a Session 1, 8-week, or 10-week course. As long as you remain enrolled in KRSG 25, you will receive 25% off tuition. 

Remote Course #1 (required)
Session 2
  • Successful Transfer to the Research University (KRSG 25) - This is not a rudimentary class. On the contrary, it encourages development of educational plans reflecting effective academic strategies and provides a strong advising backbone including contact with advising in the major, in career services, and in undergraduate research opportunities. Learn more about the course, instructors, and review past syllabi here.
  • To enroll in this course, log in to and click "Enrollment." Next, click "Class Search" from the list on the left-hand side of the page. In the class search subject include "Kresge College." Scroll to the bottom and click "Search." There are several sections of KRSG 25 - pick the one that works best for your schedule. Click here for instructions on how to navigate your MyUCSC portal.
  • Credits: 2
Remote Course #2 (required)
Session 2
Remote Course #3 (optional)
Session 1, 8-wk, 10-wk
  • You have the option to add an additional course of your choice offered during Session 1, 8-week, or 10-week. Explore courses by department or GE code. You can also take a prerequisite class in Session 1 that you need for your Session 2 course. As long as you remain enrolled in KRSG 25, you will receive 25% off tuition. 
  • The remote nature of Summer Session this year provides a unique opportunity for students to earn more discounted credits than usual before fall.
  • Keep in mind that these are condensed, five-week classes with demanding schedules, so prioritize your time wisely. Note, tuition is charged per credit, so additional classes mean additional tuition (and, if eligible, additional financial aid).

Guidance on Selecting Courses

  • Many new transfer students may get the following error message when enrolling - Please don't worry!error-message.png 
We can help you. The error message means that your UCSC account doesn't have your completed prerequisites coded in the system yet; it can take a while. So we can help get you enrolled in the right summer course.  For many classes, the next steps are listed in "Class Notes" in the Schedule of Classes. If you need guidance, email
  • Explore summer courses on class search, select the ‘Summer Quarter’ term.
  • Get started with the Transfer Advising Guide from Undergraduate Advising.

  • Interested in getting a General Education Requirement met? Read up on UCSC’s GE Requirements.

  • Connect with STARS (Services for Transfer and Re-entry students) for academic guidance and support.

Questions about how to enroll in courses? Contact

Questions about which course to take? Contact your major adviser.