Meet the Peer Mentors

Summer Edge Peer Mentors are role models and peer advisers and will be your go-to for all questions related to being a student at UCSC. Here to support your transition to academic and campus life at UCSC, Peer Mentors are second, third, and fourth-year UCSC students who are experienced leaders on campus, and some have gone through Summer Edge themselves! They are passionate about working with students and will be available to provide guidance on anything related to academics, UCSC resources, navigating the campus, college life, and the ins and outs of Santa Cruz.


  • Matthew Alejandro photo

    Matthew Alejandro

    I'm a 3rd-year human biology major! My favorite places on campus include the East Field and McHenry Library. Off-campus, I enjoy driving or walking West Cliff and going to 11th Hour Coffee to study!
  • Georgia Prentice photo

    Georgia Prentice

    Hello! My name is Georgia Prentice (she/her) and I am a first year environmental studies major with a possible minor in history of consciousness or philosophy. My favorite place on campus is Oakes Garden, and my favorite place in Santa Cruz is the Moore Creek Wildlife Preserve!

  • Yahaira Uribe photo

    Yahaira Uribe

    Hello, my name is Yahaira Uribe. I am a third-year, MCD biology major. My favorite place on campus are the Opers field benches at night, it is calming and you get a beautiful view of the city.

  • park photo


    Hey Y’all! My name is Park, and I’m a 3rd year POLI/HIST major here at UC Santa Cruz. My favorite place on campus is probably all of the trails of Upper Campus; even as you try to navigate the maze-like nature of the paths between colleges and classrooms, the enormous sprawling nature of our upper campus trails leaves an ever elusive network of branching options that inspire curiosity and exploration. It’s a great option with some friends if you want something more relaxed to do between classes, or if you’re experiencing some stress.

  • E Zawicki photo

    E Zawicki

    I am a third year double majoring in psychology and sociology, with a concentration in global information and social enterprise studies. I enjoy studying near the Porter koi pond.

  • Zaira Adamari Carrera photo

    Zaira Adamari Carrera

    Originally from Paramount a city in Southern California, I am bilingual in Spanish and a third year history major. I have a fun bubbly personality. I like to surround myself with positive people who enjoy laughing, listening to different genres of music, and exploring new food cuisines. My favorite spots in Santa Cruz are Burger., for the scrumptious onion rings and the creamy, sweet milkshakes. I too love the Penny Ice Creamery for the delicious homemade waffle cones, rainbow sprinkles, and unique ice cream flavors. You can spot me at these places every weekend!

  • Stevan Servin photo

    Stevan Servin

    My name is Stevan (he/him)! I'm a 4th year going into my 5th year as an Environmental studies/Agroecology major here at UCSC. I love the Santa Cruz mountains. I enjoy running, hiking, and especially biking. Whenever I have free time you can find me in the mountains!
  • Susan Hong photo

    Susan Hong

    I am a fourth year going into her fifth year at UCSC. I am a Bioengineering student with a concentration in Assistive Motor. In high school I played water polo and growing up in the Bay I am very accustomed to pleasant weather. I love being outside in the sun as much as I love spending time indoors and playing a few video games of my choosing. You can catch me in the SNE Library during the academic year. I am always on the go, looking forward to the next challenge but I always makes time to stay connected with my friends and loved ones.