Summer Edge Cancellation

First Year, International, & Transfer Edge Students:

If you register and then decide you won’t be coming to Summer Edge complete the following steps to avoid any unwanted charges on your account:

  1. Email your request to, and we will cancel your registration.  

  2. Summer Courses:
  • If you have enrolled in any summer courses, make sure to remove the classes from your student portal. You MUST DROP yourself. Instructors do not drop students for not attending or not paying. If you do not drop yourself from a course, you will be responsible for the tuition as well as the academic consequences, i.e., you will receive an F or NP (No Pass)
  • The drop deadline is found here, and you must drop the course entirely for your tuition to be refunded. 
    • If you have dropped your courses, the tuition reversal will appear on your student portal within 3 to 5 business days.
  • A $50 cancellation fee will be posted to your MyUCSC account in August if you enrolled in summer courses at any time and then dropped your course load to 0 credits for the rest of Summer Session. This fee is nonrefundable. Make your calendar for around August 15 to send in that payment. You can't pay it before it exists, but we don't want you to forget. If you were not enrolled in classes, there would be no cancellation fee.

For more information on dropping courses, tuition refunds, and processes, please check out the Summer Session website.

  1. Housing: If you submitted a housing application, it should also be canceled. Log into your housing portal to complete the process. Consult your contract for cancellation fee information.
  2. Financial Aid: If you received Financial Aid for a Summer Edge program, once you cancel, that aid will no longer be available to you. 
  3. Other Offices: be sure to cancel with any other offices you may have contracted with for summer including:
    • UCSHIP (summer insurance if you did not waive)
    • TAPS (if you bought summer parking permit)

After cancellation, continue to check your account! Late fees will accrue on unpaid or unresolved fees.