Navigating the Research University

Exclusive to Edge:

As part of Summer Edge, students can earn 2-credits towards graduation by taking Navigating the Research University (STEV 26). This is not a rudimentary class. On the contrary, it is full of reflective learning assignments aimed to focus students on academic and career exploration, including: 

  • Provides first year students with an understanding of the workings of a research university with an emphasis on advanced academic expectations. 
  • Encourages development of educational plans reflecting effective academic strategies, short and long-term goals, research and/or internship experiences, and graduate programs. 
  • Provides a strong advising backbone including contact with advising in the major, in career services, and in undergraduate research opportunities.

STEV 26 is only open to Summer Edge students so everyone in your class will be an incoming student. If you are financial aid eligible, you can take this class, plus one five-credit course to meet the 7-credit financial aid minimum. 

Meet the Instructors:


  • Photo Instructor Kylie Kenner

    Kylie Kenner

    This will be my fifth summer teaching Stevenson 26. I started teaching English composition at SFSU in 2014 and Writing 2 at UCSC in 2016. I have also been a tutor and tutoring center coordinator, a college core instructor (you'll learn more about what that means in STEV 26), a researcher on a number of educational projects in California and Illinois, and have helped future teachers work on their capstone projects. I have been invested in creating greater educational equity in post-secondary institutions for many years now, and I'm finishing up my dissertation at UCSC exploring how best to support formerly incarcerated college students. Fortunately, I adopted a dog, Billie, pre-COVID-19, and she has been keeping me active and joyful and running near the ocean! I'm thrilled to be teaching Stevenson 26 again this summer, and I look forward to meeting you and getting you set on a great path at UCSC. Sample 2021 syllabi.

  • Instructor

  • Photo Instructor Brij Lunine

    Brij Lunine

    I’ve enjoyed teaching Summer Edge since its inception eight years ago. I’ve taught in the Writing Program, Stevenson, Cowell, Kresge, and College Nine core courses, as well as for American Studies, Literature, and Environmental Studies over the past twenty-two years at UCSC. I really enjoy helping students make the transition to the university over the summer. The whole Summer Edge program is what I wish I had as a first-year student. It helps students get acclimated, connected to resources, and acquainted with peers, staff, and faculty. Teaching remotely has obviously been a major adjustment, but I still feel connected to students and am pleased to see their progress. It’s not ideal, but it’s clearly workable. Moreover, “Navigating the Research University” lends itself to remote teaching. We’ll have a mix of formats, you’ll get to know your peers in breakout rooms, and you’ll head into Fall quarter ready to succeed. Sample 2020 syllabi.