Course Enrollment

student in labEnrollment opens May 1 (for all students)

Take a course to meet a degree requirement, satisfy prerequisites for your major, or explore a new subject! 

You can choose to take one course or multiple; we are here to help you make the best selection. Most students take two courses. If you are financial aid eligible, you must complete a minimum of 7 credits during the summer to maintain eligibility.


Check out the Frosh Course Highlights for undeclared and all major put together by Academic Advisors.


Use this Transfer Course Recommendations by major from your Major Advisors.


General Guidance on Selecting Courses

  • Explore summer courses on class search and select ‘2021 Summer Quarter’. You can enroll in one or any combination of sessions; most courses are five weeks (in Session 1 or Session 2).

  • Interested in meeting a General Education Requirement? Read up on UCSC GE Requirements.

  • Tip: Some courses’ prerequisites or restrictions (like “majors only” or “juniors and seniors only”) are waived for the summer. That means you could take some classes this summer that you might not be able to take in other quarters.

  • Math courses require placement at the appropriate level. More information can be found in Canvas.

Before enrollment, you must register and pay the non-refundable registration fee. You will gain access to our Summer Edge Canvas course, where you will get more detailed information about how to enroll, and support and guidance in choosing your classes.

Questions about course offerings? Email: