Costs and Financial Aid

Summer Academy Benefits:

  • All Academy students receive 25% off tuition

  • All students pay the same low summer tuition rate in summer, including out-of-state and international students

  • Financial Aid is available
  • Discounted on-campus housing - greatly reduced cost in comparison to fall, winter, or spring

Tuition and Fees

Regular Summer Session tuition for all students (in-state, out-of-state, international) is $281 per credit. Academy students are offered a 25% discount on tuition, which reduces the per credit cost to $210.75 (academy students must remain enrolled in the required 2-credit KRSG 25 course to receive this discount).

  • $210.75 per credit x 7 credits = $1,475.25 for Tuition

All Summer Session and Summer Academy students who take classes on-campus over the summer are charged a required $287* campus fee. This fee gives students unlimited access to libraries, computer labs, the fitness center, pool, courts, metro buses, bike shuttles... the whole campus is yours!

  • $287* Campus Fee + $1,475.25 Tuition = $1,762.25 for Tuition and Fees

Books and supplies vary by what you take.  Some art classes and science labs have small 'materials fees'. Some classes have more than 5 credits, such as sciences with required labs, or PSYC 100. If you take more than 7 credits, your tuition (and aid) will increase accordingly.

Housing and Dining Costs

For transfer students who would like to live on campus over the summer, Summer Academy housing is offered at a significantly discounted rate in comparison to fall, winter, and spring quarters with options ranging from a single (a room to yourself) to a quad room (a room with 3 roommates). Housing and dining rates vary depending on room type, please review the Summer Academy Housing for more information.

Health Insurance

For more information visit the Student Health Center website or email  

Estimated Summer Academy Costs:

Type of Expense Cost
Program Registration $100
Tuition for 7 Credits $1,475.25
Campus Fee $287*
Housing & Dining (optional) ~$1,800 Estimated
Off-Campus Total: ~$1,800 Estimated
On-Campus Total: ~$3,600 Estimated

Financial Aid*

The Financial Aid Office offers up to $2,897 in grant funding for Transfer Academy Students. 

For more information on the steps to apply for Summer Academy financial aid click here. Contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship office with questions at 831-459-2963.

 *Rate subject to change for summer 2018