Course Enrollment

Summer Academy course enrollment: May 1 – August 2, 2018

Once you have completed all steps to register for the Summer Academy, please see below for next steps on course enrollment. Students take two courses for a total of 7 credits.

Course #1 (required)
Successful Transfer to the Research University (KRSG 25)
Click here to review last year's syllabi for a course description and workload expectations. This course fills very quickly every fall, which is why it is offered exclusively to Academy students through the Transfer Academy program. Take advantage of this invaluable course for Transfer students THIS summer!
Credits: 2
Enrollment process: Self-enroll 
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Course #2

Enroll in a Session 2 course to make degree progress.  Choose from the list your major academic advisers put together for you!

Credits: 5
Enrollment process: Self-enroll
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Guidance on selecting courses:

Important reminder: The Summer Academy takes place during Session 2 of the summer session. Please select course(s) offered during Session 2.

  • Check the 2017 Course Highlights for a list of suggested courses for transfer students from the Academic Advising community.
  • Explore summer courses on class search, select the ‘Summer Quarter’ term and ‘Summer Session 2 (5 Weeks).
  • Get started with the Transfer Advising Guide from Undergraduate Advising.

  • Interested in getting a General Education Requirement met? Read up on UCSC’s GE Requirements.

  • Connect with STARS (Services for Transfer and Re-entry students) for academic guidance and support.

Questions about how to enroll in courses? Contact

Questions about which course to take? Contact your major adviser.