Working During Summer

You can work while enrolled in Summer Session!working over summer

  • You’ll know your summer schedule as soon as March 15 (when summer classes are in class search) so you can plan. 
  • Remember that there are no separate finals weeks during summer. Finals are taken on the last day of class of each session.
  • If you choose to work over summer, consider spreading your course load out over multiple sessions. We recommend taking no more than 10 credits per session if you are planning to work.
  • We encourage you to work with your employer to ensure you have ample study time before finals and throughout the sessions, you are enrolled in.

On-Campus Jobs: Apply on the ER system

  • You can work on-campus in the summer!

  • There are no “federal work-study funds” available in the summertime, but that does not prevent you from working.

  • Not all offices have student-staff in summer, but many do.  Talk to departments you have a relationship with during winter and spring quarters about summer employment and visit the career center for more job listing.

  • Visiting students can also work on-campus, but do pay a $30 fee. 

Off-Campus Jobs:

  • Many Santa Cruz businesses offer summer work opportunities including the boardwalk, downtown businesses, and businesses along Mission street.

  • Keep in mind summer bus schedules are reduced, so don’t schedule work and class too close if you are using the buses as transportation. Give yourself at least an hour of travel time.

  • Classes are long, make sure you are balancing your shifts. (so that you don’t end up in classes from 8 a.m. -3 p.m. and then straight to work until 1 a.m., etc.)

  • Schedule time to sleep, eat and take care of yourself between work and classes.

  • The career center is also a valuable resource when seeking employment. They offer professional development workshops as well as on- and off-campus job listings.