Adviser Materials

The following materials can be downloaded as PDFs. If you could like hard copies, email the amount and where you would like them sent to

  • Adviser Summer Session Information

    Adviser Cheat Sheet

    Designed to pin up on your bulletin board and give you the quick Summer Session details you need!
  • Summer Session online courses

    Online Courses Flyer

    A printed version of the online courses page on our website. Remember: If students take classes online, they do not pay the campus fee.
  • Summer calendar

    Summer Session Academic Calendar

    A one-page reference on all dates and deadlines. 
  • Student Summer Information

    Student Summer Cheat Sheet

    A double-sided postcard you can hand out to students with all the essential Summer Session details including session dates, housing financial aid and tuition details.
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    Summer Financial Aid

    The first version of our 2018 Summer Financial Aid undergraduate eligibility cheat sheet. Version 2.0 will be produced with scenarios once we have the housing rates.
  • Summer poster

    Summer Poster (11x17)

    Promote Summer Session enrollment opening on May 1. Hang it on your public bulletin board, on your door or any high traffic area.