Classroom Projectors

Classroom VGA Retirement

VGA connections to general assignment classroom projectors will be removed starting in the summer of 2019. An HDMI port or video adapter will be needed to connect after that. 

VGA is a 31-year-old connector that breaks very easily. Broken VGA cables and adapters are the number one cause of problems with classroom equipment.

This results in lost instructional time, frustration for instructors, and increased staff time and expense needed for troubleshooting and repair.

The newer HDMI connector is much less prone to breakage and also provides a more reliable connection and a higher quality image.

Some divisions provide adapters, please check with your Local IT Specialists. The most common adapters can be purchased from BayTree Bookstore or online. The Learning Technologies checkout facility in Kerr Hall room 149, open M-F 9-12 and 1-4, has adapters available for short-term loans (3 days).