Housing and Dining

desk in res hall

Summer University Housing

Summer University students will be placed on a floor together in one of our residence halls. For approximately $1800, they can choose a single (private) room for five weeks and full dining (3 meals a day Monday through Friday, 2 per day Saturday and Sunday), or for less, they can choose to live with roommates. Full housing prices and details are on the summer housing website here

Peer Mentors will live on the same floor with the students.  These mentors are especially excited to work with high school students and well-trained in academic role modeling, coaching students through adjustment issues, and social activities planning.  Experienced residence hall advisers (RAs) will live on their floor too, responsible for safety and policy enforcement.

Living on campus is not required. While the experience and personal growth are appealing, we understand local students might find it easier and more cost-effective to live home and commute.  If you do, you still have all the same access - membership to the fitness center/courts/pool, use of our libraries, computer labs, cafes, etc.  And if you take Session 1 classes (in the same session as Summer University), you'll be invited to all the events too - fun outings to the beach/boardwalk, time management and professional writing workshops, campus tours, and hikes, and more.  Students receive a summer UCSC Student ID card that serves as an unlimited Metro pass as well.

Summer University Move-in

Summer University students living on campus will move into their residence hall on Sunday, June 24 
Airport pickup is available from Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO) on Sunday, June 24. And we can shuttle students to their departures on Saturday, July 28 (only). To request a pickup, email the following to summer@ucsc.edu

(1) Airline-issued itinerary or screenshot of the ticket (roundtrip)
(2) Student's cell phone number
(3) Send by Monday, June 4 
Just FYI, SFO (San Francisco) is about 2 hours from campus.  SJC (San Jose) is only 30-45 minutes away.


Summer University students are given access to open dining halls, coffee bars, cafes, and other eateries on-campus for the duration of the program.

Housing and dining are a combined plan/application, and students are allocated a balance of ‘Slug Points’ which can be used at any campus dining hall, or PERK Coffee Bar with their student ID card. Please see the UCSC dining page for more information on dining options during the summer.

Apply for Summer University Housing & Dining

  • Once you have successfully completed all steps to register for the Summer University, please see UCSC’s Summer Session Housing page for more information about how to apply.

Summer Session 

If you do not plan to attend Summer University in Session 1, but instead want to take classes with Summer Session 2, 8week or 10week terms, you are eligible (but not required) to live in a residence hall in College Nine and have a meal plan. After you're enrolled in classes, you can apply for housing.

If you want to commute from home, you can - you are still given all the same access as students who live on campus.  Membership to the fitness center, access to libraries and computer labs, the Metro pass, and so on.  Make the best use of our fabulous campus because you're a Slug all summer.