Housing and Dining

desk in res hall

Apply for Summer University Housing & Dining:

  • Once you have completed all the steps to register, please see UCSC’s Summer Session Housing page to apply for housing.

How On-Campus Housing & Dining Works:

  • Students will be placed together on a residence hall floor.
  • Rooms can be single (private), double, triple, or sometimes quad depending on the residence hall. 
  • Peer Mentors will live on the same floor as the students. These mentors are especially excited to work with high school students and well-trained in academic role modeling, coaching students through adjustment issues, and social activities planning.
  • Experienced residence hall advisers (RAs) live on their floor, too, responsible for safety and policy enforcement.
  • Housing and dining are a combined plan/application. Students are allocated a balance of ‘Slug Points’ which can be used at select campus dining halls or PERK Coffee Bars with their student ID card. The plan includes three meals a day Monday through Friday, two per day Saturday and Sunday. Slug points do not roll over and are not refunded at the end of the session.

Off-Campus Living:

  • Living on campus is not required. While the experience and personal growth are appealing, we understand local students might find it easier and more cost-effective to live home and commute. 
  • Off-campus students have the same campus access as on-campus students, including membership to the fitness center/courts/pool, use of our libraries, computer labs, cafes, etc.  If you take Session 1 classes, you're invited to all High School Summer University events.
  • All students receive a summer UCSC Student ID card that serves as an unlimited Metro pass.


  • Costs vary by room type.
  • Visit the summer housing website to see costs. 2021 prices are available in the spring. 


Summer University Move-in & Out:

  • 2021 move-in date TBA in early spring. Registered students will also receive an email from the housing office with directions and move-in details. 
  • If you cannot move in during the allotted times, you must contact the Summer Housing Coordinator at summerhousing@ucsc.edu to get approval for late arrival.
  • If you do not get pre-approval for a late move in and arrive after the deadline, you will need to contact the RA on Duty. They will meet you at the Housing Office. We ask, however, that you make your best effort to arrive during the designated move-in times.