Summer Minors

Do something major this summer, start a minor! 

  • Chemistry

    A minor in chemistry is offered for those who wish to have a strong complementary program in chemistry while majoring in another course of study. The study of chemistry exposes the student to the principal areas of modern chemistry, including organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biochemistry.

    See your adviser for more details about adding a minor.

    Chemistry minor courses offered this summer: 

    CHEM 1A - General Chemistry
    CHEM 1B/M - General Chemistry/Laboratory
    CHEM 1C/N - General Chemistry/Laboratory
    CHEM 8A/L - Organic Chemistry/Laboratory
    CHEM 8B/M - Organic Chemistry/Laboratory
    CHEM 163A - Quantum Mechanics and Basic Spectroscopy
    MATH 11A & 11B - Calculus with Applications
    MATH 19A & 19B - Calculus for Science, Math, and Engineering 
    MATH 22 - Introduction to Calculus of Several Variables
    PHYS 6A/L - Introductory Physics I/ Laboratory
    PHYS 6C/N - Introductory Physics III/ Laboratory
  • Computer Science

    The minor in computer science is for students interested in applications of computer science in other areas of study, from art and music to business and science. 

    See your adviser for more details about adding a minor.

    Computer Science minor courses offered this summer: 
    AMS 10 - Mathematical Methods for Engineers I
    CMPE 16 - Applied Discrete Mathematics
    CMPS 12A/L - Introduction to Programming /Laboratory
    CMPS 12B/M - Introduction to Data Structures/Laboratory
    CMPS 101 - Abstract Data Types
    CMPS 115 - Abstract Data Types
    MATH 11A & 11B - Calculus with Applications
    MATH 19A & 19B - Calculus for Science, Math, and Engineering 
    MATH 21 - Linear Algebra

  • Economics

    The study of economics is among the most popular on campus, serving diverse students with a broad range of interests. Students who go into this field pursue careers in economics, law, medicine, and business. Students who are interested in economics but are majoring in another discipline and do not have the necessary quarters remaining to complete a second major may be interested in completing a minor in economics. 

    See your adviser for more details about adding a minor.

    Economics minor courses offered this summer: 

    AMS 5 - Statistics
    AMS 7/L - Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, & Health Sciences
    ECON 1 - Introductory Microeconomics
    ECON 2 - Introductory Macroeconomics
    ECON 11B - Mathematical Methods for Economists II
    ECON 100A - Intermediate Microeconomics
    ECON 100B - Intermediate Macroeconomics
    ECON 113 - Introduction to Econometrics
    ECON 125 - Economic History Of The U.S
    ECON 133 - Security Markets and Financial Institutions (online)
    ECON 136 - Business Strategy
    ECON 161A - Marketing
    ECON 197 - Economic Rhetoric: Using Economic Theory and Empirical Evidence in Arguing Policy
  • Education

    An Education Minor provides an understanding of the essentials of education while giving you the opportunity to focus on specific aspects of the educational system. See you adviser for more details about adding a minor.

    Education Minor courses offered this summer: 

    EDUC 135 - Gender & Education
    EDUC 140 - Language, Diversity, And Learning
    EDUC 164 - Urban Education
    EDUC 181 - Race, Class, and Culture in Education

  • Mathematics

    The Mathematics minor provides an excellent foundation in math, which can serve a student well in careers that require quantitative analysis. See you adviser for more details about adding a minor.

    Mathematics Minor courses offered this summer: 

    MATH 19A & 19B - Calculus for Science, Math, and Engineering 
    MATH 21 - Linear Algebra
    MATH 23A & 23B - Vector Calculus
    MATH 100 - Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving
    MATH 103A - Complex Analysis
    MATH 105A - Real Analysis
    MATH 110 - Introduction to Number Theory
    MATH 111T - Algebra: Rings and Groups/Algebra
    MATH 117 - Advanced Linear Algebra
    MATH 124 - Introduction to Topology
    MATH 128A - Classical Geometry: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean

  • Technology and Information Management (TIM)

    The study of Technology and information management (TIM) is a rigorous, challenging engineering minor for those students wanting to pursue careers in information systems management and the management of technology. See your adviser for more details about adding a minor.

    TIM minor courses offered this summer: 

    AMS 131 - Introduction to Probability Theory
    ECON 11B - Mathematical Methods for Economists II
    ECON 100A - Intermediate Microeconomics
    ECON 100B - Intermediate Macroeconomics
    ECON 113 - Introduction to Econometrics
    MATH 11A & 11B - Calculus with Applications
    MATH 19A & 19B - Calculus for Science, Math, and Engineering
    TIM 50 - Business Information Systems
    TIM 80C - Starting a New Technology Company