2022 Art and Design: Games and Playable Media Summer Courses

    Foundations of Play (5 Credits)

  • ARGT 80I [Online/Remote]

    Session 2

    Understanding the foundations of play through reading influential texts; in-class lectures and activities; designing and playtesting games; and the ethnographies of players in the physical world.

    General Education Code: PE-H

    Proposed Instructor: TBA

  • Introduction to Game Art Production (5 Credits)

  • ARGT 91 [Online/Remote]

    Session 2

    Project-centered studio-lecture hybrid course that introduces the process of world-building and interaction design from the standpoint of the art director. Each project addresses a milestone in the art direction development pipeline, and demonstrates corresponding entry-level technical and conceptual skills and strategies. Utilizing this split methodology, the big-picture game development process is presented in tandem with related fundamental digital art and design skills at an achievable scale for an introductory course.

    General Education Code: PR-C

    Proposed Instructor: Kristen Gillette

  • Game Design Experience (5 Credits)

  • ARTG 120 [Online/Remote]

    Session 1

    Teaches the concrete skills associated with making a digital game, from start to finish. Activities include establishing a team, concepting, storyboarding, prototyping, producing, and testing a game for release. Students are organized into groups and work together to create and produce a playable game.

    Prerequisite(s): ARTG 80G or ARTG 80H or ARTG 80I; and CMPM 80K; and FILM 80V; and CSE 30 or CSE 15 and CSE 15L or CMPM 35. Concurrent enrollment in CMPM 120 is required. Enrollment is restricted to juniors and seniors.

    General Education Code:PR-E

    Proposed Instructor: TBA

  • Ecofutures (5 credits)

  • ARTG 143 [Remote/Online]

    Session 2

    Students study the fields of ecofeminist art, climate fiction, virtual environmental art, Afrofuturism, Latinx futurism and Indigenous futurism, and create digital games relevant to these fields. Projects in this class focus on interactive performance art videos in an online web based game format. Students will learn about the ways climate change is affecting our local region, and the ways that social movements are responding. Cross Listed Course THEA 143

    Proposed Instructor: micha cárdenas

    Pending CCI approval