Art and Design: Games and Playable Media

    Foundations of Play

  • ARTG 80I

    Session 2

    Understanding the foundations of play through reading influential texts; in-class lectures and activities; designing and "playtesting" games; and the ethnographies of players in the physical world. Students are billed a materials fee. (Formerly Art 80I.) (General Education Code(s): PE-H.) 

    Proposed Instructor: Elizabeth Swensen

  • Digital Drawing/Painting for Game Design

  • ARTG 118


    Instruction includes techniques, tools, and concepts of drawing and painting in a digital environment oriented toward the context of computer games. Coursework is composed of projects to develop individual ideas and skills, as well as offering productively engaged participation in a collaborative game-design team. Students are billed a materials fee. Enrollment restricted to art and art and design: computer game design majors; contact the instructor for exception. (Formerly Art 118.) May be repeated for credit. 

    Proposed Instructor:  Ed Gregor

  • Game Design Experience

  • ARTG 120


    Prerequisites lifted for UCSC students. 

    Teaches the concrete skills associated with making a digital game, from start to finish. Activities include establishing a team, concepting, storyboarding, prototyping, producing, and testing a game for release. Students are organized into groups and work together to create and produce a playable game. Students are billed a materials fee. Prerequisite(s): Computer Science 12B and 12M and Computational Media 80K and Film and Digital Media 80V. Concurrent enrollment in Computational Media 120 is required. (General Education Code(s): PR-E.) 

    Proposed Instructor:  Marcelo Viana-Neto