Student Stories

Hundreds of students took our 2018 Summer Survey. Here are a few things we learned! 

  • What made you decide to take Summer Session? 

    I needed a class to declare my major
    Wanted to graduate and not have to come back in the fall for just one or two classes
    Deciding to pursue a double major in three years
    No out of state tuition
    I want to graduate on time and be able to study abroad
  • What are some of your favorite parts of Summer Session? 

    Receiving a summer grant 
    I enjoyed having a seminar with 9 students including myself, I have never been in such a small class
    Going to the free concerts on the beach  
    Getting credits so fast
    I enjoy being able to focus on only one class
  • Share one highlight from a summer class.

    I created cDNA from a tomato plant
    ANTH 1, the professor brought in skeletal fossils for the class to check out
    Building my own video game!
    Leading group therapy at my field study
    Used an industrial tier laser cutter for the first time
  • What has been your biggest challenge, frustration or problem during Summer Session?

    It goes FAST!
    Keeping up with a bunch of readings!
    I didn't realize how much dedication and personal accountability online classes would require.
    Balancing a full-time job with my classes
    The classes are all really long

  • The Last Word..

  • I didn't expect this going in, but I love the intimacy of the campus, it really allows for you to get close to the summer session community and the experiences I have now are unforgettable. One thing I loved about summer is the fact that I can now actually appreciate the beaches and the oceans of Santa Cruz as the weather allows for every possible beach outing. I can finally sit down and focus on one class without sacrificing another class, and that has made a dramatic difference in grades. Although time is cut short, the fact that I can organize it without interfering with other classes is amazing.

    - Karthika Saravanavijayan
    Summer 2018 - 
    Organic Chemistry (CHEM 8B) and Evolution (BIOE 109) online