Student Stories

This year we asked students to tell us about their summer: Discovery, Disaster, or Victory! Here's a sample of what we learned.


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    ♦ I discovered that it is possible to challenge myself in a productive way. I can take four math classes and still enjoy my summer.

    ♦ Summer Session has been a lot of fun. I have discovered new places to study on campus, Porter College, and learned a lot in my courses.

    ♦ I discovered the intersectionalities between neoliberalism, capitalism, and poetry and how it applies to my life as a student!

    ♦ Discovered how to improve my study habits/stay on top of my coursework bc it's a lot of info in only five weeks.

    ♦ Well, this summer was full of Discovery for me because I was able to learn so many new things - how to code, how to create games, and how to do effective and correct statistical analyses. Learning so much from one experience is really something I appreciate.


  • Disaster

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    ♦ PHYS 6A as an 8 am SUCKS!

    ♦  I'm tired of writing a paper every week. It's getting difficult with a part-time job, but I'm really glad that the courses are 5 weeks because you're able to just power through. I enjoy that summer is cheaper as I'm paying for it myself. It's hot. It's my first time taking summer courses but as difficult as it is, it's been enjoyable.

    ♦  My summer discovery was that I am capable of taking 21 units in a short amount of time. At the same time, my disaster is also my victory. I am taking three classes and one lab during this  Summer Session 1 and it has shown me that professors have no mercy. Actually coming up this week, I have three midterms and two papers due!! So that is my disaster! But my great victory will be getting back on track to graduate on time by the time school starts again in the fall! :)

  • Victory

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      I have found the willpower to self-study other programming languages like I always told myself I would do. It has been very good working on other things alongside my normal summer session studies. I would call this a summer victory!

    ♦  Victories: That taking two courses a day is super tiring but doable. That teachers are understanding of personal situations and are there for support. That if you put your mind to it you can do 400-page readings with a day space in between.


    ♦  Victory is being able to hopefully have me graduate on time by taking these classes and I am excited about the classes and still seeing my friends over summer!

    ♦  Victory: Got super high concentrations of DNA in our research samples.

    ♦  Enjoying the classes, I am taking while having a ton of free time. Major win.


  • The Last Word..

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     ♦ I loved how quickly summer session went, it's fast-paced but defiantly worth in the end. I recommend taking harder more intimidating classes over the summer as they are easier and you get more one on one time with the professors.

    ♦ I like the super fast pace a lot more than even normal quarters, it's a lot easier to only hold a few things in my mind that have to be done immediately than a bunch of things that will be due at some point.


    ♦ The classes are super long!! Be prepared to put in a lot of time into doing the homework, but it'll be worth it to get classes done in half the time

    ♦ I have really learned how to use my time wisely and stick to my daily plans! The fast pace is definitely challenging and is pushing me to participate in my education more diligently.

    ♦ This summer I finally got to take an art class! I always wanted to try out an animation class.

    ♦ My summer has been in constant flux between discovery and disaster! I've had a great time learning software development and team management techniques in my class and my internship, and have failed and succeeded in both settings many times. So I'd say that my summer session has been an experience of all three things: Discovery, Disaster, and Victory!