High School Stories

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    2018 High School Summer University Testimonials

    Hannah made some wonderful friends from all over –friends from out of state, as well as friends from other countries.  Both of her classes were outstanding. She found them challenging but manageable, and she very much enjoyed both of her professors.  She even emailed one of her professors after the summer session was over to thank him and to tell him how much she enjoyed his class.    

    We chose this program for many reasons, not the least of which was to give Hannah a preview of what college life is like.  And we feel she absolutely got that –from the academic expectations to the social environment, from dorm life to dining hall food– Hannah got the full college experience.  More importantly, the program gives context to and reason for all the hard work she is doing in high school.

    We could not have been more pleased with the UCSC Summer School Program for High School students and I wanted to be sure to let you know.

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    Berit has had an amazing experience, she’s loving every minute of it. She said it’s going to be hard coming back home to attend senior year because she had so much fun.

    She really enjoyed the teacher and the content; it helped her decide not to major in Linguistics, and possibly do an International Relations major alongside Journalism.

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    Local Pacific Collegiate School junior Chase Wilson completed two upper division math classes through UCSC Summer Session.

    What motivated you to take two math classes this Summer? I really like math and had read lecture notes online for various math courses. What motivated me to take the courses at UCSC was getting academic credit and having access to professors to discuss math with.

    How has taking Summer Session helped you reach your academic goal(s)? Getting these classes done now is definitely great as it may allow me time to take some graduate level courses as an undergraduate. 

    Do you have a favorite Summer Session story? I got to class ten minutes before the final exam not knowing I needed a green test booklet. I had to run to the bookstore and only barely made back on time completely out of breath and panting to take the final.

    Any tips & tricks to share with future Summer Session students? In lecture, be active and try to figure out where the teacher is going with their idea before they finish it.