High School Students

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz! It's the perfect place to spend your summer - get credits for high school and college!

Have you ever wanted to learn about the Sociology of Sports?  Interactive Video Game Design?  Or what about Hip Hop Philosophers?  Evolution and Ecology?  The Natural History of Birds?  Printmaking?  Come do it.


50% OFF TUITION in 120 eligible courses

Who is eligible?  If it's the summer before your junior year or the summer before your senior year!! 

*full tuition will be charged up front, then the 50% discount will be reduced after the Drop Deadline Aug 3.  Then you pay your remaining tuition.marine ecology students

We encourage high school students who will be Juniors or Seniors to enroll in lower-division courses (those numbered 1 through 99).  Some upper divisions are appropriate too.  See the 120 eligible courses.  Then go through Class Search for days, times, rooms, instructors, and more.  "Restrictions" like 'majors only' are lifted for high school students in summer! 

Enrollment is as easy at 1,2,3:

2. Pay the $50 processing fee (non-refundable).1. Submit the brief online registration form (April 1 - June 15).

3. Submit a Verification Form. Due by June 15.
This form asks an administrator to list your cumulative GPA, affirm completion of your sophomore or junior year, and include the official school seal.

Any questions?  

Email us at summers@ucsc.edu anytime. 

When have your registration and verification forms, we will create a UCSC student account for you.  We'll email you within 10 business days with your login information and you can enroll! 

To see all course details like day/time, description, instructor, etc. use our Class Search.

Need housing?

Summer Session students live in gorgeous brand-new Merrill College.  After you're enrolled in classes, you can apply for housing.  Here are rates and info.

Want to visit?

Come take a tour!


Session 1 - Important Dates

Enrollment Opens May 1
Session 1 Dates June 22 - July 24
Add Deadline June 25  (Thurs)
Drop Deadline June 29
Withdrawal Period June 30 - July 10
Change Grade Option July 3

Session 2 - Important Dates

Enrollment Opens May 1
Session 2 Dates July 27 - August 28
Add Deadline July 30  (Thurs)
Drop Deadline August 3
Withdrawal Period August 4 - 14
Change Grade Option August 7

Put these dates into your calendars. Check our calendar for more extensive dates, including important deadlines for 8 and 10 week classes.

Please remember, if you cannot attend a class you're enrolled in, you must drop it yourself through your student portal.

Note: Our Writing 2 course is not appropriate for high school students.