Tuition Discounts, Waivers, and Special Local Discounts

$680 off 15+ credits!

Ambitious Summer Award - complete 15 credits or more over the whole summer, we will award you $680!!  After August 7, the end of the last drop period of Summer Session, we calculate all eligible students and post a $680 deduction to your account.  

If you already paid tuition, it would be a refund. If you have fall charges, it will credit to those first. 

It's a heavy load though - 3 or 4 classes are a lot of work so plan ahead.  Talk to your academic advisers about your plans.

CalVet Fee Waiver

Thank you for your service! And your family! The Cal Vet Fee Waiver is applied to Summer Session tuition and fees if you are a continuing UC student.  See the Registrar's Office Veteran Students FAQ for more info.

Cal Vet Fee Waivers will not receive the $680 tuition deduction.

High School Students 50% Discount

Students in the summer before their junior or senior years will receive HALF OFF per-credit tuition!  Most UCSC classes are 5 credits. 

library 2014

2017 Summer Fees (tuition + campus fee)


without Campus Fee
(online only class)

with Campus Fee
(on-campus class)

2 $273 $560
5 $683 $970
7 $956 $1,243
10 $1,365 $1,652
If you take online classes only, you are not charged the Campus Fee.

Remember, it's not like camp.  You're a university student all summer, the entire campus is yours - libraries, buses, Metro, gym, pool, courts, computer labs, etc.  The Campus Fee covers these costs.  And using your UCSC Student ID Card, there are lots of discounts downtown.

See the high school registration page for how to get enrolled.  Registration and Verification Form required by June 15.  

Staff & Faculty 50% Discount*

Take summer classes at half price!  UCSC staff and faculty get HALF OFF to encourage staff development and increase enrollment. 

  1. Review courses to find what appeals to you. How about ... public speaking (WRIT 106), creative writing (KRSG 65C), race, class, culture in education (EDUC 181), overview of the universe (ASTR 2), geography of national parks (EART 3), intro to acting (THEA 20), history of Santa Cruz (HIS 139E)
  2. Visit Class Search after April 1 for course details, including days/times that work for your schedule. Consider our online courses for a flexible schedule or a 2 credit course for very low cost.
  3. Complete the Registration Form and pay $50.  We will set up your UCSC accounts, activate for summer, etc. We email your log in info and you can enroll.  Please contact our office to ensure we know you are staff or with any questions.
  4. When your bill is accurate, then you can pay your tuition. The discount is in addition to waiver of the Campus Fee.  The discount is for those eligible Reduced Fee Program during the academic year.  No discount can be given on course 'materials fees' for supplies and equipment. The eligible courses would not include high-demand or full sections that UCSC students need. (but very few summer classes fill/close) 

*Does not include student workers 

Staff & Faculty Campus Fee Waiver

  • For more information, contact our office anytime. Staff and Faculty are not charged the Campus Fee.  Pay half-price of the per-credit tuition, plus any material fees (found in some arts and labs).

[No audits or OLLI in Summer Session.]