Education Summer Courses

    Introduction to Education: Learning, Schooling, and Society

  • EDUC 60

    Session 2

    Explores the foundations of learning and teaching, the social and political forces within schools and school systems in the U.S., and the educational policies and practices in culturally and linguistically diverse communities. (General Education Code(s): IS, E.) 

  • Gender & Education

  • EDUC 135

    Session 1

    Addresses the changing but continuing patterns of unequal expectations, opportunities, and treatment throughout the educational system for all students, female and male, who do not match a standard model of gender performance. 

  • Issues in Educational Reform

  • EDUC 160

    Session 1

    Explores a variety of perspectives on key educational policy issues including desegregation, bilingual education, affirmative action, charter schools, national and state curriculum standards, student assessment and the assessment and certification of teachers. 

  • Race, Class, and Culture in Education

  • EDUC 181

    Session 2

    Examines the schooling experience and educational attainment of racial/ethnic minority students in the U.S. Focuses primarily on domestic minorities. Addresses issues of variability between and within minority groups and the role of cultural, structural, and psychological factors in the educational attainment of these students. (General Education Code(s): ER, E.)